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Welcome to Queen Trin Hair Care! 👑

Hey, girl, hey!! Welcome to the QTHC blog! This is a safe space for all to come and learn, grow, and discover. With this being the very first blog post I want to say congratulations to you for deciding that you want to be apart of the conversation in understanding OUR hair needs. This blog page will have different things for different people and hair types. We all have different hair care needs, so I will be catering to all hair types of minority women to help in the process of the healthy hair journey.

I know people talk about hair tips and hair regimens all of the time, but I want to help each of you discover what is unique and powerful about your particular crown. We will discuss products, the chemistry behind the scenes, different regimens, accessories that help aid in hair growth, and so much more!

Today I just wanted to introduce this platform and say thank you for coming to my website. I hope that you find some great things that work for your hair the way they work for mine and so many others! Along with the products, hair accessories, and education I will strive to help you reach your hair goals.


So cheers, sis! Let's grow together! I am here to help, not just sell you great tools and products so please feel free to email me or comment in the comment box below if you have any questions or comments about anything!

Love, Peace and Light

-Katrina 💕

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