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Meet The Queen


Hi! I'm Katrina Floyd. I am a licensed master cosmetologist who is most passionate about making clients and customers feel beautiful and confident by caring for and nurturing their hair (crown).


I have always had a passion for all things hair. Growing up, my mother was a hairstylist and my father was a barber so the

beauty and hair care industry has always been apart of who I

am. I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta in 2016 and that is where I learned that cosmetology was THE one thing I could do where work wouldn't feel like work. As a cosmetologist, I

specialized in color, textured hair, cutting, extensions and wigs, eyelash extensions, and body waxing. But I've always had these big dreams of creating a company that would turn into an empire and become my legacy to leave for my children.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and educate through my products and services and to give unforgettably amazing experiences. I saw a need for more caring and passionate hair stylist in this industry. I've never cared about the money I've always been concerned with the health of my clients' hair. So I want to bring that love and passion to this platform and share it with the world! Please enjoy all this forum has to offer! Thank you so much for all of your support.

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